Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Number 5 & 6!

Did you think I was pregnant? HAHAHAHA!!! 


I'm talking about Jack's 5th & 6th teeth to come out. It started about two weeks ago. His upper left tooth was pretty wiggly so I asked Daddy to check it out. 

Of course at first he was nervous!

He let Daddy check it out, but as you can see he was pretty apprehensive! Daddy wasn't able to get it out though.

A few morning later and I sat down with Jack and was finally able to yank it out. His teeth really are anchored in there. Even though I could push his tooth back far enough to see the hollow part on top it still took a good amount of pulling to get it out!  

Cute little toothless boy!  

Now he's missing one tooth on top and two on either side of his two bottom teeth.

5th tooth out!

Then just a few days later Jack was leaping around the living room like a lion...he does this quite frequently. All of a sudden I hear him say..."I kicked my tooth out!" He was leaping around and his knee came up and hit him in the mouth. He said it didn't hurt and he didn't even know it had fallen out until he leaped a few more times and tasted the blood in his mouth. Then he leaped back and found his tooth on the carpet! Crazy kid!!!

It was wiggly, but it wasn't as wiggly as the previous tooth so it bled a lot! Time to get a tea bag!!! 

Tooth number 6 is out!

We told him now he can sing..."All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth", but he gets really mad at us for saying that!

He looks so adorable with all those gaps! In fact I told him he looks 'Adorkable' since he's a cute little dork! He thought that was funny!

As with out tradition his tooth goes in a cup of water for a week to see how much money it "grows". He's going to make a lot of money in the month of November!