Sunday, August 7, 2016

Federal Way Town Center Spray Park!

Towards the end of July I was really struggling with being in a bad mood. I had gone to my Naturopath and she had put me on some herbs to help, but I was still moody. I'll be posting an update about my depression soon. Anyways I thought a change of scenery might improve my mood. I needed to run a few errands so we did those first and then we ended our trip by going to the new Federal Way Town Center. I knew that the park had opened earlier in July and that there was a sprinkler park, but we just hadn't found the time to go yet. My friend Melinda had taken her two boys and said they had a great time so I thought it was worth a shot. 

There is a nice spray park with these 3 monoliths They spray water out the top and then there is water that is rushing out from the base. There are also other areas around the concrete circle that randomly spray water. My only complaint about the water park area was I felt they needed to make more of the sprayers go off at one time. There really was only couple of them spraying water at one time so all the kids would rush over to the those and they'd be filled up in no time. Then they'd switch to a couple other ones spraying on the other side and then ALL the kids would go rushing over there. I just felt like it might be better if they had a few areas spraying water at the same time so that one area wouldn't get rushed by all the kids. 

To the left of the spray park were some play structures. The zipline was a huge hit of course!!! 

Owen spent a lot of time riding them over and over. 

Jackson also had fun on the zipline. 

He not as crazy about it as Owen, but he did ride more than I thought he would. 

Here's another view of the spray park. The building up above is going to be a new Arts & Events Center. 

Here is the view of the field. They are still trying to get the grass to grow so they have it roped off in sections. If you look down at the horizon you can see Mt. Rainier. The parking garage on the right is the transit center where I used to catch the bus to work everyday for the last 3 months of my pregnancy with Owen. 

Speaking of Owen he just loved those monoliths....he would go stand right in the middle and just get soaked! 

Zeke man is more apprehensive when it comes to spray parks. It was so hot though that I finally just grabbed him and ran through the middle. It felt so nice to get cooled down and he was giggling so he enjoyed it too! 

Right past the zipline area is a littler kids play area. 

This was my other complaint about the park. I didn't like that the slide for the littler kid play area faced away from the other toys. I was trying to keep my eyes on all the kids so I sat down on this little hill that had big rocks on it. I could see everything....the spray park, the spiderweb climbing toy and the zipline. The only thing I couldn't see well was this playarea. 

I ended up hanging out over in the little kid playarea so Ella and Zeke could enjoy it and that's when I saw Owen heading straight for me on the zipline! 

The ziplines are designed so you only ride one way and then get off. There are platforms on both sides so the kids can form lines. So the whole idea is you ride one way and then get off and then another kids gets on and rides it back to the other side. 

Well some of the kids weren't doing that. They were riding it one way and then letting their momentum carrying them back to where they started. That meant that the kids on the other platforms weren't getting a turn. I was trying to explain the whole thing to a little girl and she was so sure she was right and I was wrong that I finally had to tell her I wasn't going to talk to her anymore. I mean seriously I'm already moody I don't need someone else's kid trying to tell me what's what! 

The big kids have been having so much fun playing with each other. 

Owen was chasing Jack and Ella and instead of them freaking out about it they were actually having fun! 

Jackson made it to freedom, but Owen took Ella captive! 

I love that she was enjoying the game though. Not too long ago she would have been screaming at Owen to let her go! 

They were struggling and smiling and laughing! 

Owen was trying to drag her into the water! 

Finally Super Jack decided to step in! 

Here I come to save the day! 

Let go of my sister! 

Come on Ella! 


Phew...we're safe! 

After that fun they all decided to go over to the spiderweb. This thing is so cool! 

There are so many areas to climb on there can honestly be 20 kids on it at one time. 

Zeke was trying his hardest to get to the middle area, but the last gap up to it was just a bit to far for his little legs! 

Ella and Zeke wanted me to put them on this little hammock seat so I did and then I rocked it around like they were riding on a horse. They thought that was fun and a little scary! 

At the end of our trip Zeke got up the courage to ride on the zipline. This older girl was so sweet to help him get on the seat. It's nice to see him going out of his comfort zone trying to act like his older siblings! 

As for my didn't really help I was still a grouch, but we did have a good time. The very next evening was when I got to go away for the weekend with my girlfriends and relax. A couple days away is always good for my state of mind!