Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Graduation Shirts!

With the start of school getting closer and closer I knew I needed to get myself in gear and finish a craft project. 

Since Ella is doing Kindergarten 2.0 her graduation shirt that I took pictures of her in last year isn't going to be accurate. So I needed to make a new one. Aunt Stephie had bought two shirt for Victoria for the 4th of the July because she wasn't sure what size would fit her. Victoria ended up liking the smaller size so Aunt Stephie let me have the bigger sized one for Ella's new shirt. 

I also decided that since I was going to make Ella's I might as well make Zeke's as well. I'll be 50 when Zeke graduates!!!

I used the iron on adhesive for this project. I ironed it on, cut the letters out with my Big Shot, peeled off the backing and then ironed it into place. 

It's really a simple craft it's just one of those intricate ones that takes time. As for Ella's shirt from last year...we are giving it to her friend Kendra and then I'm going to make one for Lily since she's starting Kindergarten this year!