Monday, August 8, 2016

Hot Tub & Kandle Park!

Earlier this year my friend Renee offered to work with Ella over the summer. With her short term memory issues we were really concerned with her losing the information she worked so hard to learn. Renee has been coming over on average 2 times a week to work with Ella. There have been a few obstacles that have made us cancel like when her frig died and all their food went bad and then we had to cut one session short because Ella was just wiped out and needed to go to take a nap. 

The first week in August Renee wasn't going to be able to work with Ella since she would be house sitting her Dad's house in Tacoma. We thought it would be fun to still get together on the days we normally would, but not to work just to have fun! 

We originally were going to go to Titlow spray park, but then the weather showed a big thunder bolt and it wasn't even going to get much above 65 or so. Not exactly good sprinkler park weather! Renee decided that we should just come over to her Dad's and hang out. 

She gave us the tour of the house and then the kids wanted to get their suits on to go in the hot tub!!! 

I think this is the first time my kids have gone in a hot tub at someones house. I know they've felt the hot tubs at the hotel, but for the most part they are WAY to hot for them. Renee's Dad knew that kids were going to be in there so he turned his down to 98 degrees. It was like warm bath water. It was wonderful! 

After a while it was time to get out and eat lunch. I had packed up food and since we were at someone's house we were able to have warm food instead of the typical sandwiches. The weather had actually started to get nice...the sun was peaking out even though it was a little windy. We thought we could at least go to a park to play on the toys. 

Just a couple blocks away is Kandle has a great wave pool, but you have to pay to get in. No thanks! We had a blast on the toys though! 

I love exploring new parks with my kids! 

At first they were all over the place and it was hard to keep track of them. That always makes me nervous, but after a while they started teaming up and hanging out together so that made it easier to keep an eye on them. 

Ella and London had fun on the swings together. 

This was Ireland's first time on the swings and she LOVED it! Look at that face! She is such a cutie pie! 

Zeke was climbing all over. It's crazy that it's August and he's wearing a sweatshirt. I do remember that at one point he was wanting me to take it off because he was "Sveaty!"

Owen and Jack were playing some sort of chase game or obstacle course game. My kids are all into American Ninja Warrior so they want to make every playground a ninja course! 

This was a fun toy....there was a ramp and it was big enough so someone in a wheelchair could get on it. I had fun because I would hold on from the back and then jump up and down. I was able to get it moving pretty good like that. 

Zeke in a bubble! Sometimes I think it would be good for him to live in a bubble. I don't know how many times a week I hear...."I hurt me here!" and then he points to where he hurt himself. 

Jack was trying to catch Owen, but I was blocking his way...I told him the only way for him to get through was to let me take a picture! 

When we first got to the park you could see the nasty looking clouds off in the distance, but of course the longer we stayed there the closer they got. I decided to give the kids a 5 minute warning....our van was parked on the opposite side of the park and I didn't feel like getting drenched! 

It was only about a minute later and I saw a lightning bolt and said, "Ok that's our cue!" It was followed by the thunder shortly after. As we were walking to the van London was scared of the thunder so we told her what we always think it is....the lightning is God taking your picture and then the thunder is him clapping because you did a good job! Not sure if it helped though! 

It was such fun time hanging out with Renee and the girls. A couple days after that we hung out again...this time at the zoo! 


Melody said...

Looks like a fun day! We LOVE Kandle Park! Corbin's sister lives directly across the street from it, so we have spent lots of time there...although we have yet to hit it this summer. And the wave pool, while expensive is pretty fun. We usually do it at least once per summer ; )