Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Ella's Actual Birthday!

Oh my goodness I'm so behind in blogging, but what else is new! 

Ella's actual birthday which is February 16th landed on a Thursday. I always volunteer on Thursdays so I was able to have lunch with her and then we passed out cupcakes to celebrate. 

Since Ella is allergic to dyes I couldn't get the normal cupcakes with sprinkles or colored frosting, but I was so excited to see that Wal-Mart had these cute little Cookies and Cream cupcakes. 

Originally I was going to make waffles with strawberries and snow..aka powdered sugar...for Ella's birthday dinner, but then since it was on a Thursday that meant it was family night with my side of the family. Also Jim and Norean were in town on vacation. So there were 8 adults, 4 kids and 1 me! I decided that being stuck in the kitchen making waffle after waffle didn't sound like that much fun so I asked Ella what she'd like in place of that and she decided Costco pizza sounded yummy! 

Ella's birthday party with friends was a tea party so only girls were invited. I wanted her to open some of her presents on her actual birthday so those that wouldn't be at her party would still get to see her excitement and joy from the present they bought her. 

First gift was from Ga-Ga & Pa. Of course Ga-Ga was going to be at the tea party, but not Pa. 


Since it was in a plastic bag she didn't really know what it was. Ga-Ga bought her Zip-It bedding. It's like a sleeping bag for your bed. Once I washed it and put it on her bed she LOVED it! 

The next gift was from "Zeke".....when we were out shopping we found a couple things on clearance and they were too good to pass up. Like these adorable boots that were only $5. 

And an outfit to match for $5!!! 

Next up was Uncle Ry and Aunt Stephie's gift. Of course Uncle Ry wasn't going to be at the tea party and unfortunately Aunt Stephie had already made plans before she knew when the party was so she wasn't able to come either. 

They totally hooked Ella up with coloring stuff! 

Books, crayons and stickers! 

Plus princess body wash!!! 

Later that night she used her stickers to make her laptop monitor pretty and then she used the same stickers to make my monitor pretty as well. They are in the corner and they are tiny, but she wanted me to take a picture of our matching computers! 

The next day Ella wore her new outfit from Zeke to school! She's such a cutie and it was fun getting to have a small party with family on her special day!