Thursday, March 16, 2017

Ella's Birthday Tea Party!

The week before Ella's party I came down with the crud that had been going around. It always seems to hit our family in February. Because of that I was still recovering and I was so tired. Thankfully Kim came over and spent 4 hours with me on Friday morning helping me get everything set up! I could not have done this without her! 

We got the garage completely set up which included organizing all the stuff that was in there so there would be room for the tables, sweeping the floor, setting up tables and chairs, and decorating the tables. Kim also helped by washing all the dishes for the food and all the tea cups for the moms.  Once Michael got home he hung up the cute polka dot sheet behind the food table and then he put up the birthday banner. 

There was also a craft table for the girls and cute coloring pages with teapots and tea cups on them. 

Here were the tables! The whole reason I ended up going with a tea party theme was because I got this amazing deal on party stuff at a garage sale. It had those cute gift bags, bracelets, necklaces and crowns and the guy only wanted a $1 for the whole thing!!! The girls each got a tea cup that was glass. They were actually the cups that go with my punch bowl. They were pretty, but really sturdy. 

In preparation for Ella's party my friend Ellen was so excited to help. She's the reason I had such amazing dishes for the food and she even bought tea cups for the party. My mom also bought tea cups as well. I thought since the girls were going to be going home with some fun stuff that it would be nice if the moms went home with something as well. So each of the moms got to keep the tea cup they used at the party. I made place cards so everyone would know where they were going to sit. On the morning of the party I asked Ella to help by looking at the tea cups and specifically picking out which cup would be for which mom. It was precious to watch her pick and choose. 

The party was at 11am and that's early for our kids party. We usually plan them for 4pm so I did not have all day to prepare like I normally do. I made sure I did as much as I could the day before, but thankfully my Mom and Norean came over early to help with the stuff that needed to be made that morning. The menu included scones with raspberry jam and homemade lemon curd, deviled eggs, quiche, mini corn dogs, 3 different kinds of sandwiches, grapes and strawberries. 

Look at all these lovely girls!!!! This just makes my heart melt! I love that Ella is surrounded by wonderful friends! 

Left to right - Anna, Farrah (Ella's friend from school), Kendra, Logan (yes she came all the way from Spokane for Ella's party), Ella, Addison, Grace & Audrey (friends from church) and in the front is Lilyann and Caitlynn (wearing a pretty dress that Ella had just given her a few weeks before).

Kim and Caitlynn! 

Ella Bean and Logie Bear! 

Christina and her twin girls....Addison and Anna! 

Me and my Ella Grace! 

Rachael and her girls...Kendra and Lilyann! 

Elaine and her twins...Audrey and Grace!! 

Ga-Ga, Norean (who extended her vacation to be at Ella's party) and Ellen!!! 

And one boy did get to be with all us girls for the party! Baby Jaymes was a total gem the whole time! 

After we ate and had tea some of the girls chose to color and some chose to go play. 

For dessert we had brownie bites, raspberry shortbread cookies and mini cheesecakes! 

Happy 7th Birthday Ella! 

Present time! 

Ella got a baby doll from Kendra and Lily...I believe she named her Rosie! 

From Logan she got this cool bag that was filled with fake press on nails! She also got a reusable cup that had nail polish in it. 

And she also got Twinkle Toes that match Logan's! 

I got this game for Ella way back on Black Friday. As you can see she wasn't super thrilled! Later on when we actually played it she realized it was fun! 

From Audrey and Grace she got this cute Minnie Mouse pillow...she sleeps with it every night. She also got a mermaid Barbie! 

From Caitlynn she got a Lisa Frank (my 90's self was geeking out a bit) tracing book! 

She also got the Elena of Avalor DVD! As you can tell this was a home run!!! 

Ellen got Ella this adorable owl. It was so prefect because Ga-Ga and Pa had gotten Ella a baby owl at Northwest Trek last year so now her baby has a mommy! 

From Anna and Addison she got this beautiful bracelet. 

On top of all this she got a Frozen dress from Norean and a bear, a balloon and flowers from Farrah. 

It was such fun celebrating my girl and getting to visit and enjoy time with all the moms!!!