Wednesday, March 15, 2017


A few months ago Rachael started working a full day on Wednesdays. Since she wouldn't be able to pick Kendra and Lilyann up from the bus she asked me if they could come over on Wednesdays and then either Lance or her would be by to pick them up later. Of course I said yes! Ella has been in heaven having them over almost every Wednesday. Of course they have their ups and downs because they are girls after all, but I'd say overall it's been great. 

On this particular night the girls wanted to paint their nails and then take silly pictures. 

They all asked for the same colors for their nails! 

 Kendra looking so pretty! 

Beautiful Ella! 

Lovely Lilyann! 

Then they decided that they were fashion stars and wanted to do model poses! 

Strike a pose! 




These girls are too much fun! Love them all so much! 

Track is starting up soon and not only will they be coming home with us on Wednesdays, but now Tuesdays as well. Hopefully they don't get sick of each other!