Tuesday, August 1, 2017

NW Trek With Friends!

 Our friends Brandon and Elaine had never been to NW Trek before and since we have annual passes for it we thought it would be fun to have them come along with us. Why pay full price when you can get in way cheaper with a pass holder!!! 

Michael took the day off so he could come with us. That morning I told all the kids to pack their lunches in their backpacks or a lunchbox and then to get a light coat on. Of course Zeke didn't listen to me so he came with no coat and short sleeves. Silly kid!!!

First stop was the bathroom. 

Trying to get a normal picture out of this kids right now is almost impossible! 

Jackson recently saw the orthodontist for the second time and he had his bands changed out and got blue this time. His sweet face is already changing so much! 

Ella Grace was not so happy about Zeke being in this picture, but I did get her to smile nice! 

Then I took an 'all by herself' picture! 

We found the snail!!! I've heard that it moves around the park and can sometimes be hidden and hard to find. Every time we've come it's been really easy to find. It would be fun to have to actually hunt for it though! 

We got tickets for the first tram of the day. It was a bit breezy out, but still nice. The view from the top of the hill was breathtaking!!! We saw lots of animals....almost all the moose. The only ones we didn't find were the herd of female bison.

After the tram we went to the picnic tables and ate lunch and then headed over to the Trek Kids play area. This is the where our kids want to spend all their time. 

After a while Brandon and Elaine headed out to check out more animals and we stayed and hung out with Christina and her kiddos. They came just to play in the play area. We stayed at the play area for 2 hours before we decided to call it a day. It was such a gorgeous day made even better by being with good friends!