Wednesday, August 2, 2017

To All A Goodnight!

Albert Krush also known as Santa Al sadly lost his fight with cancer on July 1st. Al had been struggling with cancer for over 4 years! In reality that was way longer than what the Dr's originally told him he would live. During these last few years Al had been able to do so many things and I'm so glad he got that "extra" time per se. 

His memorial was held on the same day at Michael's mom's memorial. We actually had to leave Carol's memorial at 1:45 in order to get the kids home and then leave for Al's. Our friends Brandon and Elaine were kind enough to watch the kids. We really wanted them to be at their Grandma's memorial, but we thought it would be pushing it to have them attend two memorials in one day. 

The memorial was held at Greenwood in Renton. We were actually late because of all this construction on I-5. Thankfully we didn't miss everything. This wonderful picture that my Dad had made for Al was right up in front. It's probably my favorite picture of Santa Al....The Man In Red! 

Out in the foyer Ellen had one of his Santa suits hanging up. 

On the mantle and all around the foyer were photos of Santa Al and even this beautiful article that Ellen scrapbooked about Al. 

For the reception it was only fitting that we had cookies and milk! 

Jim and Norean flew in from Minnesota to be there to honor Al. Also Dianne and Jim came over from the peninsula to pay their respects. It was a truly wonderful time honoring an amazing man of God. Al touched so many people during his life. So many hurting and sick children were blessed because of his work as Santa. He was so special in so many ways and he will be missed. As you can imagine it was an emotionally exhausting day with two memorials for two amazing people. It was worth it though to celebrate and honor both of them!!!