Friday, September 8, 2017

Wyoming Vacation Day 1 - Logan's Baptism!

Hello...long time no blog!!! Summer was nuts that's my story and I'm sticking to it! Any who...what have we been up to? 

We'll a few months back I was talking with my mom and Aunt about how miserable it was going to be being separated from my mom for over 7 weeks!!! My parents were going on a 7 week road trip starting in July. Last summer they were gone for 3 weeks and it about did me in. Anyways I'm not exactly sure who suggested it, but somehow we got on the subject of how the kids and I could drive out to my Aunt & Uncles house in Cody Wy and meet up with my parents at their house since my parents were spending over a week with them. I say the kids and I because Michael would be on-call at work during that time so he wouldn't be able to come with us. At first my mom wanted nothing to do with it. She did not like the idea of me driving that far without Michael. After a few days of research and getting things into place she started to come around.

Here we are the morning of Saturday August 12th.....all ready to head out! 

Saying goodbye to my man....12 days is the longest we've ever been apart!!! 

I planned everything about our trip...down to where we would stop and play and where we would get gas! 

The second place we stopped....we had to have a potty break at a rest stop...was a fun little park in Moses Lake. 

At first Mapquest took me to some building so I plugged in the address on Google maps and it came right up. 

It was a nice place to get out and stretch our legs a bit. 

It's a fairly new park and we were the only ones playing the whole time we were there. 

They had all these workout machines the kids enjoyed getting to go on. The only downside was there were no bathrooms....except that yellow port-o-potty in the background. 

While we were there Jack came across this painted rock. It had a label on the back saying it was part of the Moses Lake Rocks FB page. He could keep it or hide it again. Jackson chose to keep it. I tried to go on the FB page and post this picture, but I would have had to join the group and I didn't want to. 

The final stop of the day was pulling into Logan's house!!!!! 

These girls were SO happy to see each other!!!! 

The last time we had seen Logan was at Ella's Birthday Tea Party back in February! Way too long!!! 

This was our first time being at their new house in Spokane. After last years debacle with the water park in Ritzville we had contemplated meeting them at the water park in Moses Lake this summer. That was before we ended up scoring the amazing deal at Great Wolf Lodge. Once I started planning this trip it seemed only fitting to stay with Richard and Jen and let the girls play!!! 

A couple months after first talking about the trip I called Jen to chat and she mentioned that they were going to have Logan baptised in the Catholic church and they wanted me to be her Christian witness. I was standing in Wal-Mart with tears in my eyes. When I was watching Logan for those 3 1/2 years it was hard....all those kids under 5 years old and me dealing with was hard! But I would do it all over again if it meant that this little girl would love Jesus!!! I'm so happy that I was able to take her to MOPS, Bible study and a Christian preschool. I know it wasn't only because of me...Mom and Dad had a role too, but I do feel like I did have a small part in her walk toward Jesus. 

We hung out at the house, had lunch and chatted for a bit. Then it was time to head to the church. Logan looked so pretty in her white dress and tiara. She let Ella wear one of her other crowns so they could match. Leila is Jen's friend Malissa's daughter. She was so cute and just loved having these older girls to play with.

Best friends forever! Honestly I truly hope that's is what they will be! 

Side note: Good grief look at how much talking Logan is than Ella....she's 8 months younger!!!! 

Look at that beautiful family!!! 

Love this girl!!! 

After Mass we met with the Father in the foyer of the church. That's where the big pool area was with the Holy Water. Which my boys may or may not have touched!!!

He read from his book about what baptism was and what it meant. 

We repeated some phrases and said the Lord's Prayer. 

The Father took a handful of water and put it on the front of Logan's head 3 times...once for the Father, once for the Son and once for the Holy Spirit! 

Then Malissa being the Godmother got to light the candle and give it to Logan. 

I feel so blessed that I got to be there to witness this sweet girls baptism! 

She even got a very special gift....her own rosary beads. If I remember right they were either her Papa's mom's beads or Papa's grandma's beads. 

Logan's baptism certificate! 

After the baptism we headed back to the house to have ice cream and visit some more. That night Ella slept with Logan and the boys and I slept out in Jen's parents 5th wheel out in the driveway. Day 1 was a success!


Unknown said...

I Love this post!!!!! I need to print it for Logan's book! Thank you for being there, it meant so much to have you! It really was you that brought Jesus back into our lives!!! Thank you!