Saturday, September 16, 2017

Wyoming Vacation Day 11 & 12 - See Ya Later Logan & Homeward Bound!

 Tuesday the 22nd it was time to start the journey home. Thanks Aunt Linda and Uncle Lee for letting us invade your house for over a week!!!! :)

Just like when we came out to Cody I wanted to make sure we were on the road by 7am. I think we officially headed out at 7:12!!! Which with the time change was actually 6:12am!!!

Ella was so happy to get to see Logan again! 

All the kids had started to miss Daddy as well! 

Zeke man did great during the trip. I did have to explain to him early on that he was not allowed to ask any questions long, when will we, what time, are we almost. For some reason he is obsessed with time so I just refused to answer him. By the second day of the trip he finally stopped asking those questions.

We pulled into Spokane at 5pm....we did gain an hour, but it was still an 11 hour journey! This was the only time during the trip I actually felt bleary eyed. I think the drive combined with nights of not sleeping great.....children need nightlights and I slept in the same room as them....not a good combo...but it finally hit me how tired I was! 

Richard and the kids weren't actually home when we first got there, but they did leave a key for us so we could get in the house. I just collapsed on the couch and vegged while the kids watched TV. After an hour or so the kids were hungry so we got back in the van to drive to MCD's. Of course the MCD's that was the closest was under construction so we had to drive to different one. It ended up being nice though because I didn't really want to eat MCD's...on the way to the other one we passed a Burger King so after I got the kids food we went back to BK to get me a Whopper! 

When we got back Richard, Logan, Conner, Ed & Penny were there. Jen had to fly to Seattle for work. We sat around and ate our dinner and chatted about the trip. Later on I took a shower and the boys and I headed down to the basement to go to bed at 10pm. I didn't want to rush out the next morning so we slept until 8am!!! It was honestly the best night sleep of the whole trip!

I had a goal of being out by 10am. Since I showered the night before I didn't have to worry about that. Richard was so nice and made us bacon and crepes for breakfast. 

After that it was time to say goodbye. We already have planned the next time the girls get to see each other....October 28th. Thankfully neither of them cried!!! 

The only must have thing we needed to do other than potty breaks and gassing up was to stop in Ellensburg and buy 4 boxes of peaches. I ended up buying the last 4 boxes they had!!! We rolled up to the house around 3pm and Michael came home not long after that! It was so nice to see him!!! Of course I didn't take any pictures! We did get everything out of the van and started putting things away and doing laundry. I did not want to wait to get that all taken care of. I'm so happy that I took the kids on this trip. We did have a great time and I know we made tons of memories.