Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Canning Peaches!

Like I mentioned I bought 4 boxes of peaches in Ellensburg on our way home from our road trip. One of those boxes was for Kim, one was for my Mom and two were for me. I was doing all the canning for my mom though so really all 3 were my responsibility!

If I remember correctly I canned on 3 different occasions...maybe 4! Honestly I spent so much time peeling and slicing peaches it's all a blur! 

Last year I put all the peaches in pint size jars, but those really aren't big enough for a family of 6. When I would open one pint we'd each get maybe 2 peach slices. This year I decided to make quart jars instead. 

The peaches had literally been picked the day before so they were so fresh. Some weren't even truly ripe yet. That was the main reason I had to can on so many occasions. I had to wait for some of them to ripen! 

All in all I got 14 quarts and 14 pints for myself and I made 24 pints for my mom. Of course we also ate some peaches and then there were a few that were bad. For some reason this year I had such a difficult time with my jars. I broke 5 jars! I was getting quite frustrated because I was doing everything the same way I always had. I finally resorted to filling the sink with hot hot water and setting my jars in there first before putting them in the water bath. That seemed to work thankfully!