Thursday, September 14, 2017

Wyoming Vacation Day 8 - Riding The Razor, Water Rocket & A Rodeo!

Saturday morning Uncle Lee went to his storage unit and brought their Razor up to the house for us to ride around on. I've never driven one before so it was a bit intimidating at first, but once I got use to it I was fine.

Ella was first! We just drove around the neighborhood for a bit and then I went out on the main road. It's licensed and insured so it was okay for us to do that. I got it up to 40 mph. Ella loved the wind blowing in her hair! 

Next was Jackson! We drove around the neighborhood as well and then I decided to drive down into town a bit and visit Grandpa. Ga-Ga & Aunt Linda were there sitting outside with Grandpa. We visited for a minute and then Jack and I drove across the street so he could play at the park again! 

Zeke's turn! I went down one of the dirt alleyways in the neighborhood and we scared this cute little fluffy tail bunny. He was just hopping around trying to get out of the way of this terribly noisy machine. He was so fast! Of course I would never have run him over!!! 

When I was with Zeke we ended up coming across this family of 4 deer! 

When I took Owen out after Zeke...of course he's the one kid I forgot to take a picture with...they were still there in that same area snacking on the leaves. 

Ella went with me for one last trip. We drove down to Grandpa's, but Ga-Ga & Aunt Linda had already left and Grandpa had gone inside. Instead we went to the park across the street. That's when that boy played the electronic game with us! 

Saturday was really the only hot hot day. The weather was actually warmer back home in Washington...that's very rare! 

Aunt Linda and Uncle Lee got the pool out for the kids, but they really weren't interested in the pool all that much. Mainly because it didn't have time to get warm. Instead they were all about the water rocket!!!

Owen first played with this in 2012 when Aunt Linda & Uncle Lee lived in Sheridan Wyoming. He talked about it for months afterwards. Best toy invention ever!!! 

I tried to find one, but they had discontinued it and I could only find it on Ebay for almost $90!! 

Aunt Linda had the best news for the kids though! She was giving us the water rocket!!!! She said her grandkids never played with it anymore so it was all ours! 

The kids had fun for a bit taking turns shooting it up, but then of course they started arguing and I had had enough of it. They were really starting to wear on my nerves. By this point in the trip I had basically been a single parent for a week and I was in need of a good cry! That's what I did! I had actually cried a bit earlier in the day when I talked with Michael on the phone. I was hormonal, missing him and just worried that my kids were being a nuisances. 

Mom came out to be with me and the kids and found me crying. I just needed a moment! Of course the kids started really arguing then and I got angry and basically told them to get out of my sight. That's when Aunt Linda brought me a Mike's! Hahahahahaha! 

Thankfully my mood didn't last like that for the rest of the day!!! Dad and I had gone into town earlier in the day and bought tickets for the Rodeo. Michael took Owen and Jack in 2015, but I hadn't gone and I thought it would be fun! 

Uncle Lee went with us and took us over to the Buzzard's Roost seating. 

As we were walking over there we were getting to see the animals in their corrals. That's when the kids got to see really life in action because a horse mounted another horse. Jackson thought that was SO funny and then he said..."That's so funny that that horse is hugging the other one!" I about died!!!! 

I was so surprised at how many foreigners were at the rodeo. The people sitting to the right of us were French. I heard quite a few other languages during our stay in Cody. I'm pretty sure it has a lot to do with the proximity of Yellowstone National Park and the fact that the Solar Eclipse was happening on the following Monday. 

The arena looked so pretty with the dirt all nice and smoothed out. It almost seemed sad for them to mess it up! 

The seats were great!!! We were right in front over the shoots so we got to see the horses or bulls being loaded into the shoots and then we had a front row view of them coming out of the gate. It was funny though because there were quite a few animals that didn't want to come out of the gate!!! 

Right at half time they call all the kids age 12 and under to come out into the arena. They have two calfs that have ribbons on their tails. The kids get to chase after them and if they get the ribbon they get a prize. Of course the rodeo guy had the kids do exercises to warm them up. The exercises included rolling around in the dirt!!!! Jackson is right in the middle of this picture with his blue coat on. 

Jackson didn't get one of the ribbons, but I was so proud of him for even going down there. He's usually not that outgoing at all. He tried to get Ella to go, but she wasn't having it. He even said he'd pay her a dollar, but she would not change her mind. Ella had a really hard time because she was SO tired. The rodeo doesn't start until 8pm and it goes until 10pm. I tried to keep her happy with buying food. At first we got Kettle Corn for her and I got Jack Cotton Candy. Later we went back and I got each of the kids candy and myself nachos. She ended being able to make it to the end, but she was pooped! 

We had so much fun! I loved it! My favorite, Favorite, FAVORITE part hands down was when the announcer opened the show with prayer. I'm not saying a short little help everyone to be safe tonight prayer, but I'm talking a come to Jesus, no shame, completely patriotic prayer! It honestly made me want to move back to Wyoming!