Sunday, September 17, 2017

Kindergarten Camp & A Clean Car!

The day after week got back from our road trip was Zeke's 1st day at Kindergarten camp!!!

In actually it was the 4th day of Kindergarten Camp, but oh well! 

Silly boy!!! 

I dropped Zeke off at 9am and then picked him up at noon. 

He said he had so much fun! They played with Play-Doh, were read to, ate a snack and got to dance! Ella told Zeke that was a brain break! 

He also got to use celery as a stamp to put the beautiful colors on his fish! 

Later in the afternoon I was looking on Instagram and saw that a friend had gotten her car washed for free at Brown Bear. I had remembered hearing on the radio that it was going to be free car wash day. I was really not in the mood to sit in a long time and I remember that last year it was a nightmare in downtown Des Moines because of the back up. But my van was COATED in bug guts from 4 states so it really needed to be washed! 

The line wasn't bad at all and they had a really good system in place....all very orderly! As you can see we NEVER pay to have our van was like an amusement park ride for our kids! 

So shiny!!!