Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Meet The Teachers & Back To School Bash!

This year it took forever for the school district to finally tell us parents who our kids teachers were going to be. Finally 5 days before school started the info was uploaded to the kids student page on the website. This year I wanted to do something different in regards to their school supplies. I went ahead and emailed each of the teachers asking them what they needed. To me most of the time the school supply lists are just so redundant and the teachers end up with a ton of stuff, but some of it they still have a ton of from the year before that and the year before that. Once when I was volunteering in Owen's 3rd grade classroom I had to go through 9 glue sticks before I got to one that wasn't dried out. I thought this might be a good opportunity for the teachers to get something they would normal go out and buy themselves.

September 5th was meet the teacher night at school. Our schools parking lot is super small so we just avoid it all together and park in the neighbor and walk instead. 

Ella's teacher ended up being the new 1st grade teacher so she really did need the supplies that were listed on the supply list. Jackson needed some of the regular supplies and then I bought extras of colored pencils and scissors. I also picked up some fun foam balls that his teacher wanted to use for brain breaks. 

Owen's teacher only asked me to get 3 notebooks for him and then things that she runs out of like glue sticks, post-it-notes and Clorox wipes. 

Jackson is in Ms. East's class this year!!!! I am so excited! She was awesome for Owen and I know she's going to be great for Jackson. 

Owen's teacher is Mrs. Tushar!!!! I've worked with her before when I volunteered for track. She is great! Since Owen is in 5th grade he's now out in a portable. It was actually so nice out because they have their very own air conditioner!!! The only bummer part is there are no bathrooms so Owen has to go into the main school building when he needs to use the bathroom.

Ella's teacher is Ms. Sawyer! She is so sweet and I know that her and Ella are going to have so much fun this year!!! 

Per tradition after the meet and greet we headed to Red Robin to celebrate our Back To School Bash! 

They had just sat a big group prior to us getting there and not all the servers had started work yet so we had to wait about 10 minutes for our table. 

The kids don't mind though since they have this fun floor to ceiling chalkboard in the lobby! 

Ella and her Daddy! 

Zeke with his Ga-Ga! 

Even though they some times drive each other crazy they do actually really enjoy each other at times as well! 

Pa & Daddy! 

My Owen being a silly boy!!! 

We had a great dinner and it wasn't even all that expensive since I had my free birthday burger!!! Love that! It's funny how the summer seems SO long and then at the same time it always amazes me that another school year is here already! Crazy how that works!