Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Wyoming Vacation Day 6 - - Mini Golf & A Soda Saloon!

Prior to our trip I had done some research online to see what sort of things there were for the kids and I to do. I wanted to make sure that we had something fun to do each day. The last time we were here Michael took the kids mini golfing so this time it was my turn. Thankfully Ga-Ga came with us!

It only cost $12 for all of us to play....Aunt Linda had a coupon for one free game!!! 

At first I wanted to try to teach the kids how to properly play mini golf, but after a little while it became apparent that that was just going to make the whole experience less fun! 

It was fun and a bit crazy....at one point Jack hit his ball and it went bouncing 4 holes over. Thankfully it didn't hit anyone in the process. 

By the end we were the only ones playing and it was super hot!!!

Once we were finished we went to this place I read about online called Annie's Soda Saloon. I thought the kids would love getting something cold after playing out the sun.

 We got to sit at the bar which was fun! Jack order a Dr Pepper Float. 

Owen stayed with the traditional Root Beer Float. I love how they give you extra soda in these cute little carafes.

I got a Strawberry Milkshake. It was so good, but I paid for it later....darn milk allergy!!!

Zeke got chocolate ice cream in a bowl.

Ga-Ga got Carmel and Praline ice cream in a cone.

And Ella Bean got Vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce.

At the back of the Saloon was a life size replica of John Wayne....aka The Duke. Ella and Jack wanted a picture with him since Pa's name is Duke! 

After we had our fill...I don't think any of us actually finished all our treats....we walked across the street to go shopping. I decided I should probably take a picture of the soda saloon.

Down the way a bit the kids saw another statue this time of a short cowboy. We did some shopping in the Yellowstone Store and the Candy Store. Ga-Ga told the kids that she would buy them something as long as it didn't go over $15. Jack found a pocket knife with his name on it and a dog figurine he named Max. 

Zeke got a container full of dinosaur...here he is playing with them later in the week. Owen originally wanted Pop Rocks, but I finally convinced him to get something that would last longer. He ended up finding these tanks that made noise and he was able to get 2 of them.

Ella originally got a pair of Swoozies at the Yellowstone store, but then when we went in the Candy store she found this super adorable black and white stuffed cat! She had to have her!!! She named her Charlotte since she's the girl version of Charlie. While the kids and I went to the van Ga-Ga ended up taking Ella's Swoozies back to the Yellowstone store. Ella has not regretted the switch one bit...she loves that cat!!!