Monday, July 31, 2017

Costco Run & Michael's Birthday!

Friday July 14th was Michael's birthday...he had to work of course. The kids and I had some errands we needed to being going to Costco to get some more chicken. 

Of course there was no way I was going to be able to make a trip to Costco with all 4 kids and not get pizza for lunch! 

It seems like I do this at least once every summer! 

Last summer Ga-Ga was with me! 

Instead of ordering individual stuff for everyone it ends up being cheaper to buy a whole pizza to split. 

I had called right as we were leaving to order the pizza and by the time we got there it had just finished. It was piping hot and so yummy! Also the best part was Michael didn't have to eat it...he hates Costco pizza!!! That and we had leftovers which is always nice! 

To celebrate his birthday I made one of his favorite meals...spaghetti surprise. I also made a homemade carrot cake. After dinner he wanted to play Catan and if I remember correctly he won.

On a side note....about a month and a half ago I was so excited because I saw the Seafarers expansion for Catan was on sale on Amazon for only $15! I ordered it immediately and couldn't wait for it to get delivered. Once the box showed up at the house I knew there was something was way too small! What I actually ordered was the 5-6 player expansion pack for the Seafarers version of Catan. I was so sad! Now I need to actually order the Seafarers EXTENTION!!! Plus if we want to play with 5-6 players I also have to order the 5-6 player expansion for the original Catan. Ugh!!! I tried!!!