Thursday, July 6, 2017

Kindergarten Graduation!

The day before the kids got out for summer was the Kindergartner's graduation. This is the first time we've actually had a graduation for the kindergartner's. I wasn't expecting a whole lot of parents to show up for two's kindergarten and it was in the middle of the day. Oh boy was I wrong!!! I ended up having to park in the neighborhood beside the school because the parking lot was so full! 

Thankfully Zeke and I hustled and were able to make it inside right as Ella's class was walking into the gym. 

There was no way we were going to get a seat and honestly I don't think you get a good view from sitting in the chairs anyways. I just walked around so I could be on the same side as her class was. They were just lining up to go on the stage. 

Of course when they got on the stage they were on the other side of the gym so Zeke and I had to walk around so we could actually see Ella Grace. 

Ms. Davidson talking about all these wonderful kidders as she calls them! 

My beautiful girl!!! 

Rachael had to work so I took a picture of Lilyann for her. I love how her sweatshirt just randomly matched the color of the graduation hats! 

So proud of this girl right here! She has worked so hard this year. She really is ready to move onto first grade. I'm so so SO glad we gave her this extra time so she could really learn what she needed to learn and have that strong foundation for the rest of her schooling. 

The class of 2029 right there!!! Crazy!!!! 

Once the official part of the ceremony was over it was crazy with parents wanting to get pictures. I told Ella that I would be right back to take pictures with her and Ms. Davidson once things quieted down a bit. Then I ran down to the boys classrooms so they could give their teachers their thank you gifts. I found these cute Thank You baskets in the Target Dollar Spot. I filled them with homemade coffee cake and a Starbucks gift card. I thought they turned out cute. 

Ms. East has been an excellent teacher for Owen. Fourth grade has been much less stressful for me and him than 3rd grade was. He still has things to work on, but thankfully they aren't things that surprise us. His organizational skills are frankly awful. Next year when I volunteer I'm going to make him organize his deck when I come into the classroom to help out. I think having him take time to do that each week will really help out. Also he's very opinionated and that makes working with other people who have opinions of their own difficult. 

Ms. Asselin has been wonderful for Jackson this year. Jackson has just flourished with his writing and making friends. He loves his friends and he LOVES Pokemon! Ms. Asselin has been such a great positive influence for Jackson during what I think is a huge shift for elementary kids....3rd grade is no joke folks!!! Sadly this was Ms. Asselin's last year at Woodmont. She is moving to another state to be close to family. I'm so sad for us....Ella was SO sad, but I'm so excited for her and what lies ahead. 

Back in the gym it was time to get pictures of my Ella Grace. While I was gone a couple of Ella's friends shared their gifts with her. One gave her this balloon and another gave her a flower. Some of the parents seriously went all out....candy necklaces, balloons, flowers...etc. Here's my's Kindergarten!!!! I know that it is a big deal, but it's also Kindergarten. Maybe I'm a scrooge or something, but I didn't get Ella anything. Ella even asked, "What did you get me?" My reply was...."A picture with your teacher!"


Thank you Ms. Davidson for coming along side another one of my kiddos!!! I'm so excited that 3 out of my 4 kiddos have been blessed to have you as their teacher. You are truly amazing at your job and I am fully convinced it is because of you that Ella wants to be a teacher when she grows up. We love you!!! 

First grade here she comes!!! 

My amazingly wonderful daughter! 

I ended up taking Ella home early right after the graduation. It really wasn't super early...we ended up driving right to the bus stop to wait for the boys and the Dial girls. While waiting Ella wanted the sunroof open and unfortunately her yellow balloon made it's escape. Ella was so sad! I had already thought it would be fun to get ice cream since Kendra and Lilyann were coming over after school so when that happened it became official. We were getting ice cream. When the other kids got off the bus I drove to Safeway and ran in to get ice cream sandwiches. So I guess I'm not such a scrooge after all!