Thursday, July 20, 2017

There's A Surprise Around Every Corner!

On Friday July 7th the kids really wanted to go out and try to find some garage sales. I was all for it, but unfortunately I don't know if people just knew they'd be busy over the 4th of July and not have time to put a garage sale together or what, but there were no garage sales. We did a sign for an Estate Sale and since it was one of only a few signs I actually saw I followed it. We drove down into a neighborhood in Federal Way where I've never been before. We went to the house and I quickly realized this wasn't going to be something that had anything for kids. There wasn't anything set up you just had to go through the house and thanks! When we were driving to the house I noticed this little park, but none of the kids did so I thought it would be fun to surprise them with an impromptu playtime. 

This park was absolutely deserted! We didn't see anyone while we were there. It was so nice! 

It had something for all the kids! 

It was very American Ninja Warrior like which is right up my kids alley!!

Go Spidey Go!!! 

Ella was wearing the dress I had bought her at Value Village, but that didn't stop her from climbing the rock wall. 

This big rope was fun to walk across...even I did it! 

I recently watched that movie called The Wire and the guy that balanced on the wire between the Twin Towers in NYC prior to them being opened. It was 1/4 of a mile up in the air and he had no harness. I couldn't even walk across this without holding onto the ropes. 

Cute big guy!!! 

Look at me! 

I remember a day when Jack couldn't barely hang from his arms and hold his own weight. 

The monkey bars were his nemesis! 

But look at him now! He's a pro! 

I see you!!!! 

The kids really did have so much fun and it was fun for me too! We had all been a bit short with each other so it was good to get out and have fun and lighten our moods! 

It was fun how all the different areas connected to each other. 

There was a big grassy area as was really a decent size park. No real parking though...I just pulled over on the side of the street. 

I thought this bridge would be a cute place to get a picture of the kids. 

Back at the playground I wanted to see how many kids it would take to lift me up on the seesaw.....3 boys! 

Poor Zeke looks squished! 

He's still smiling though! 

Ella's favorite thing by far on any playground is the turning bars. She could flip and hang all day long. 

I wanted to get going and see if we could find an actual garage sale so I told the kids to run and do their favorite thing one last time. 

Ella ran to the turning bar, Owen went to the giant rope sphere, Zeke is doing the rope ladder and Jack was all about jumping from rock to rock. We will most definitely be hitting this park up again! Funny thing is I don't even remember the name of it!