Saturday, July 8, 2017

Jack's 9 Year Old Picture!

 Jack's 9 Year pictures were originally scheduled to be taken on Saturday June 3rd, but we ended up being at the hospital with family saying goodbye to Michael's Mom. I rescheduled his pictures for Saturday June 17th, but then we went to leave for JCPenny's and I-5 was STOPPED!!! I had no idea they were doing construction and bring I-5 down to 2 lanes! Ugh! I ended up calling and rescheduling again. Thankfully the third time was a charm and he got his pictures taken on Saturday June 24th. I really wanted his pictures to be taken prior to him getting his braces on, but it didn't work out that way and I'm so happy it didn't. He looks so cute with his braces on!

 The photographer was the same lady that took Zeke's pictures a few weeks prior. She is awesome. Super laid back and chill. She did such a good job helping Jack relax. She got some great smiles out of him!

They actually got rid of the wooden numbers and letters due to a customer survey. Seriously!!! At least they can still use chalk and write on the floor!

They always encourage the kids to bring along some toy or object that they love or represents something they love doing. Jackson always chooses to bring stuffed animals. I love that about him. He's so tender and sweet and unashamed of what he loves! I believe these are the animals that he finally picked out when we were in Ritzville last summer with Ga-Ga. 

Such a handsome 9 year old!!!