Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Post All About The Back Of Ella's Head!

This post is mainly for my own record and it's also hilarious. Whenever I play with Ella's hair and try a new style she always asks me to take a picture so she can see it. When I was going to blog I just happened to notice that there were a ton of pictures of the back of Ella's head and I thought it would be funny to put them all in a post. These are only pictures from January of this year until now! For the most part Ella just wants her hair straight or in a ponytail so it's fun when I get to play with her hair. Of course it drives me crazy when I spend a lot of time doing her hair and then I see her 5 minutes later and she's taken it out!

French braid pigtails. This is the most recently one and my french braid skills have really improved!!! 

My second attempted at a side french braid. 

My first attempt was much prettier!! 

Wavy hair from being braided! 

Trying a style I had seen in a video on FB. 

Another style I saw in a video from FB. She actually wore this one to school. 

I bought those curler things that have been all the rage. I got ones that are too short though so they don't work really well for Ella's hair. I haven't tried them again, but I need to give it another go and not pull them all the way up, but just enough so only the bottom is curly! 

Cute teeny tiny braid. 

Getting to use Mama's clip! 

A simple bun...I love this style, but Ella does not! 

Using her pretty flower clip! 

Wearing her hair the same way I wore mine for YEARS!!! 

You know when you can envision something in your head and it looks good....yeah this doesn't! 

French braid...since Ella's hair is curly it's so difficult to do a french braid that looks put together. 

This ones better! 

That side braid again. I really like this one! 

With a bun on the end of the braid. Of course she didn't like this one! 

So there's a post all about the back of Ella's cute head!