Wednesday, July 12, 2017


For Michael's mom's memorial it's been my job to make the slideshow with the pictures from her life. I've had a great time going through all the pictures and putting them together to honor her life. It's been exhausting and stressful at times since I'm not super great with technology, but I've learned some great stuff along the way. It's also been so nice spending time with Michael's dad.

 On Friday June 24th when I was at his house he showed me these journal entries of Mom's he found. My niece Paige really wants to learn to write like Grandma Martin...she had the prettiest writing so he was excited when he found this for her. I was so excited that there was something of hers that was written with her own hand. This paper is honestly a priceless gift!!! I loved the way mom could speak so beautifully with her words.

Her faith and love for the Lord is so evident!

Knowing what we know now and how the last few years were of Mom's life just makes the last two sentences so much more touching. "Whatever is ahead, can only get better. Praise the Lord for His faithfulness." It reminds me of the song lyrics...."For me to live as die is gain"

Carol gained so much once her physical body died. Praise the Lord because He truly is SO faithful!

Seeing how precious these two journal entries were and wishing that there were more just like them for us to read and get a glimpse of Mom's thoughts, it makes me so happy that I blog. I want my kids to be able to read what I was thinking and feeling and know me even more because of my thoughts. But even more than that it makes me want to actually write things down. Seeing something with Carol's handwriting has been such a treat. Typed words aren't the same! I want to make sure that I write in my handwriting....even with how bad my writing is because of my shaking. I want them to have those words knowing that my hand held the pen to the paper. 

Here's mom's slideshow that was shown at her memorial!


Rev. R. D. Martin, Sr. said...

Thank you for your most precious comments ... and love for Mom (Carol). It was definitely mutual! Dad (Rick Sr)