Saturday, July 29, 2017

Backyard Fun!

Our whole family has had so much fun playing corn hole with the boards Michael made. 

Michael is amazing at if he wouldn't be! 

The kids love to play too. Of course they get to be closer. We usually use some sort of toy as a barrier so they know where they are supposed to throw from. 

However if they start to land every single bag we moved them back a little bit just to keep things competitive. 

The kids love it when I capture the bag they are throwing in mid air! 

I think Ella is just hanging out on one of the hoppity balls waiting for her turn! 

Jackson is hilarious because he swings his arm back and forth probably 7 or 8 times before he lets go of the bag. 

Ella loves to gather all the bags up into a stack. 

All the kids are getting better and better! 

This picture is the best. If you click on it you'll see the bag hovering right over hole. It actually went in perfectly!!!! 

Sometimes Zeke will play, but sometimes he just wants to play on the play structure. 

Being a goofy boy! 

Such a big guy! 

It's definitely been fun getting outside with the kids and having fun! 

Jackson did not want to lose this particular game so he ran up and put this shirt on! 

He was a little disappointed when he did in fact lose!!! 

Zeke's turn! 

I'm sure these boards will bring us many, many memories through the years!!!