Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Impromptu Swimming!

The same day we went strawberry picking Rachael invited us over for an afternoon swim. I packed up everything we'd need and went to pick up the kids at the bus stop. They were so excited that we weren't going home and they were getting to go swimming! 

Even though it had cleared up earlier the clouds had moved back in and the wind had picked up so it was a bit chilly out. 

Of course they are kids so they didn't care!!! 

Happy boy!!! 

Precious princess!!! 

Cool Dude! 

Silly boy! 

Funny story....Zeke was not sure about going in at first. In fact he was freaked out. He was holding up the line of kids trying to get into the pool because he wouldn't get off the ladder. I ended up pulling him over so he could hold onto the side. He was holding on like his poor life depended on it. I told him to put his feel down and I would hold him so he wouldn't go under. He was freaking out and I was saying...put your feel down. Then he moved the teeniest tiniest bit and his feet touched. It was so hilarious! I mean his toes must have been a fraction of an inch from touching the bottom. Cute boy isn't such a little guy anymore! 

Thank you Rachael for having us over for an impromptu swim session and also for reintroducing my kids to Cheezits. I bought them at Costco and watch they'll all hate them now!