Monday, July 3, 2017

Corn Hole!

After a not so impressive dinner for Father's Day I decided I should make it up to Michael. A month or so back he built us our own Corn Hole boards. Michael has played Corn Hole a bunch, but me not so much. I had played recently at Lance and Rachael's house and lets just say my skills are seriously lacking. But because I love my husband I decided to put my lack of skills aside and have fun with him. 

Ready for our inaugural game of Corn Hole! 

Michael build the boards out of leftover particle board from our office remodel. These things are heavy!!! They aren't going to be brown forever...that's just the primer. He bought Seahawk color spray paint so they will be getting a face lift soon. I contemplated sewing the corn bags myself, but when I saw how cheap they were on Amazon and the thought of adding another thing to my 'to do list' right now didn't sound appealing so I just bought them. I got them in blue and gray since I thought that would go nicely with the Seahawks theme. We've quickly realized that the gray ones will probably be more green from the grass stains, but hey that works as a Seahawk color as well. 

I wasn't sure if our yard was going to be big enough to have the boards separated the regulation 27 feet, but it is....just barely. When you stand by the north board on the left side you are actually standing in the pea gravel for the play area, but the board is still in the yard. Since that first game we've played one other time with Papa Martin. The kids love it! They get to stand closer of course, but they have so much fun. And surprisingly my skills are actually improving!