Friday, July 7, 2017

Schools Out For Summer!!!

The last day of school for the Federal Way School District was Thursday June 23rd. It was supposed to be the 22nd, but then we had snow so that messed things up. That same morning Michael and I were meeting with a lawyer to sign our Wills. Michael ended up taking the whole day off so we could have a family fun day.

Last year we took the kids to Dairy Queen for lunch on the last day of school and they loved it. We thought that would be a good tradition to keep.

The $5 chicken strip lunch is so good. The chicken strips are a nice size and you get 3 of them. Along with that you get fries, a soda and a sundae.

Last year we went to the Dairy Queen in Federal Way and oh my goodness it was SO busy. This year we needed to drop Kendra and Lilyann off at the gym where Rachael works. We were already heading north so it just made sense to go to the DQ in Burien. Michael thought it was funny that on his day off he was actually in the Water District anyways. 

When I was ordering I asked if we could just get the chicken and fries first and then the sundaes later. They were fine with that. Then when I went up to let them know which sundaes we wanted I noticed that ice cream cones were the same price as sundaes. I can see why the meal comes with a sundae...I'm sure lots of people order that either to go or from the drive thru...having something in a container would be much easier. Since we were eating in the restaurant I decided to ask if we could substitute it for a cone. The guy said that was fine. Yahoo! Owen and I were the only ones that took him up the substitution though. He got chocolate and I got twist with both chocolate and vanilla.

Ella got a chocolate sauce sundae. 

Zeke and Jack got hot fudge and Michael got caramel. 

After lunch we headed down to Seahurst since it was such a beautiful day. 

Even though it was sunny it was breezy down by the water so it was cold! There were some kids running around in shorts and they were wet! No thank you! 

The kids love to climb all over the drift wood. 

Ella and I found a comfy spot on a log and called it our throne! 

I love this girl!!! 

Cute little ham!!! I can't believe in less than 3 months he'll be off to school! 

There is this fresh water spring that runs down to the Puget Sound. Owen especially likes to use rocks and make a dam, but it was just too windy on that side of the beach. I knew if we headed south it wouldn't be as windy. 

We needed to cross the stream to get there so we used this log. Ella did not think she could make it over so Daddy had to go back to rescue her! 

Her knight in shining armor! 

We saw this beautiful little waterfall once we got over to the other side of the beach. 

Check this out mama!!! 

This area of the beach was much less windy and we could actual feel the warmth from the sun! 


The other area of the beach is where the tide goes out more, all the drift wood is and the play structure is there so this side is always less busy. I love it!!! 

Owen found a walking stick! 

The kids did head down to the water to find crabs. Owen found the teeny tiniest crab ever! 

Jack wanted to go on a walk in the forest so Michael took the boys while Ella and I chilled out. 

It was really a very pleasant day! 

The beach was practically deserted!!! 

Once the boys got back from the forest they wanted to go build a dam so Michael took them over. Then Ella needed to use the restroom so I packed up our blanket and we headed over there as well. We had to cross back over the little spring, but I chose a larger log. I told Ella what to do, but she was still scared. I knew I couldn't carry her so I just walked back and held her hands while we crossed together. After she went potty we decided to stay over in that area and play on the play structure. 

Later on the boys joined us! 

The play structure is really awesome. It's built to be like things you'd find outside....huge rocks, giant mushrooms and big logs. 

It was fun playing on it with the kids and really feeling like my workouts with Rachael are paying off. My core has gotten so much stronger and I could tell because I really had to balance and it wasn't that hard at all. 

The only oops of the day was I completely forgot about sunscreen. In fact I hadn't even put any in the van yet. Poor Owen and Ella both got a sunburn. Ella on her shoulders and Owen on his neck. I've since put sunscreen in the van so we will be prepared. 

When it was time to leave Michael told the kids that they'd need to save energy for the walk to the van. The parking at Seahurst isn't the best...maybe 20 spots down on the beach and the rest are up this big hill. When we got there Michael dropped me and the kids off and went to park the van up top. Just by the way he said that the kids needed to save energy for the LONG walk to the van I knew that he must have found a spot after he dropped us off. Sure enough he got a spot really close!!! 

On our way home we decided to take the scenic route and look at all the beautiful houses that are down by the beach and then Michael got to show us different things from his District. When we got home we chilled out for a bit and then I realized that the movie Soul Surfer that I had put on hold was at the library so we watched that as our family movie!