Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Seabrook Vacation - Day 3

The next was a rainy day! We had planned for that though! Michael took the boys into Ocean Shores to go play at the arcade. He didn't take any pictures, but he said the boys had fun. They did get soaked when they were playing mini golf! Ga-Ga and I took Ella to the ceramics store so she could paint. 

When we were here two years ago she picked a fairy, this time around she picked a mermaid. 

She was only 5 years old the last time we were here so I spent a lot of time helping her. I didn't paint for her, but I did have guide her in regards to not dipping her paint brush in two colors at once and other things like that. This time around she was much more able to do things by herself. 

I love how focused she was! 

We had the example there for her so she could see where exactly she should paint. She did have me look online for pictures of Ariel because that's who she wanted hers to look like. 

I love the age that Ella's at right now. It was SO much fun spending that time with her and Ga-Ga doing something crafty! 

Here's her mermaid almost finished. She hadn't done the finishing touches. The only part I helped with was the eyes. Ella just didn't feel comfortable doing those. 

Since she didn't need as much help I figured I would go ahead and paint something as well. I saw this mug and fell in love with it. I love a good chevron pattern. Plus it comes with a lid....raise your hands all your clumsy peeps! 

Here's her beautiful mermaid with all the finishing touches. Love it!!! 

I decided to add some fun dots to my mug and then I wrote the word Seabrook on the handle. 

It's kind of hard to see! I thought this would make a nice mug for work once it's hot chocolate weather! 

Here's a better picture of the side with the dots! 

After our fun morning activities it was time to go back to the house and watch the Seahawks. It wasn't a pretty game, but a W is a W! 

After dinner Ga-Ga & Pa took the kids to the pool for us. It was so nice to get to sit in a house and have it be quiet!!! 

There was hardly anyone at the pool...score!!! 

Of course the kids had a blast!!! 

In total the kids were at the pool 4 times during this trip. 

It was definitely the highlight of this vacation for sure!!!