Monday, October 16, 2017

Seabrook Vacation - Day !

Quite a few months ago I started planning another trip to Seabrook. I loved it so much when we went a couple years ago for my 35th birthday that I wanted to return. This time the around there weren't quite as many people with us. Uncle Ry, Aunt Stephie and the Kuch family couldn't make it. With there being less people our housing options were greater. I ended up choosing this house because it fit us perfectly, but I also loved the name. We had walked past it when we were there two years ago and I thought the sign was SO cute. It was a giant wooden cassette tape and the name of the house was Hooked On A Feeling! A week or so before our stay Aunt Stephie wanted to see the house and to our surprise they had changed the name to Capeside Cottage. They remodeled a bit and felt that name went with the house better. :P 

Here's the house. It's was small, but perfect for a vacation house. It was right in the middle of everything really. Just a short walk from the pool, playground and shops, but thankfully not on the main street. 

Here's the view of the living room from the staircase. 

The kitchen and dining room! 

Ga-Ga & Pa had the king size master bedroom on the first floor! 

On the second floor was this great loft area...this was the kids domain! It was perfect!!! Right behind Michael was the kids room. 

I fell in love with the built in bunks! The other wall had the other 2 bunks. I loved that they were all together and really they did well. In fact there weren't even fights about who got what bunk! 

Our bedroom was on the 2nd floor as well. 

Here's the bathroom we shared with the kids.

The first place the kids wanted to go to was the park. The weather was really nice when we got there, but the forecast was showing rain for a couple days of our vacation. We knew we needed to get out and enjoy it while we could. 

These monkey bars were new. Jack is all about the monkey bars. 

I think they had the basketball court last time, but the kids were all about the playground. 

I love that they had this basket lowered for the kids. 

Michael and I were playing HORSE on one of the normal height hoops and we were AWFUL!!! 

Love this action shot of Pa & Zeke. 

The area past the basketball court was all new. It was a new neighborhood called The Farm District. Jack, Zeke and I walked back to check things out and the horses came over to the fence so they got to pet one. 

Later on we walked into the little town area. Michael got shuffleboard poles and disks. 

We LOVE shuffleboard. In fact I might have actually thought about putting in a shuffleboard in our backyard. Too bad our yard isn't long enough! 

And look at this....photographic proof of Ga-Ga & Pa playing a game! 

It was so much fun! I did have to laugh though because the next day my arms were a little sore from shooting hoops and playing shuffleboard. Sheesh I'm outta shape!!!