Thursday, November 16, 2017

A Bunch Of Random Stuff!

This post just has a bunch of random things that didn't really need there own post. Without further ado! 

Here's our new dishwasher. It's a Whirlpool and it was on sale for just a little over $300. My favorite thing is the silverware holder is in the door. It holds SO many more dishes! 

One morning Owen came downstairs and put pillows on the floor. I'm not sure if Charlie willingly laid on them, but I do know that Owen covered him up with his Seahawks blanket! 

One day after staff meeting we went out for lunch. We went to Buffalo Wild Wings. There were having buy one get one free on wings. We ended buying 2 large orders and getting 2 large orders for free. That was 88 wings!!! It's was awesome!!! 

When Michael was going through the Voters Pamphlet he came across the commissioner position for his district. Michael started reading what it said about Russ and then realized that he wrote that biography for the water districts website. Kind of cool that something he wrote ended up in a voters pamphlet!!!

Every year the kindergarten's decorate a turkey in a disguise. I remember Ella decorated hers as Minnie Mouse. I wish I had a picture. Zeke wanted to make his look like a bumble bee! He was so proud. 

Ella loves it when I play with her hair. One night I sprayed it down pretty good and then French braided it. 

The next day her curls were so pretty! 

Last week was conferences at school. The kids are all doing great. I just had to get a picture of Ms. Davidson with all her Martin kids. We love her!!!