Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Date Day!

Michael gets banker holidays! He gets more holidays off than the kids do...hence Columbus Day! I normally work on Monday's, but since he was off I asked if I could switch my hours around so I could have Monday off and work Friday instead. It worked out perfect for us to have a date day courtesy of the Federal Way Public School System. 

The weather could not have been more beautiful!

It was a perfect day to go golfing! 

We went down to the par 3 / 9 hole golf course in Kent. 

It was only $20 for us both to go golfing. 

Michael had just recently gone with his co-worker Andre, but I hadn't been in years. 

It took me a couple holes to get in the swing (pun intended) of things. 

We only had to wait at a couple holes, but for the most part it was just us. When we were finished we looked over at the first hole and there was a line waiting to start. 

After golfing we headed up to Value Village to donate a bunch of stuff. For lunch we used my birthday gift certificate to go to Mama Stortini's and then we hit up See's Candy for dessert. I used the rest of my gift card and bought some dark chocolate molasses chips. Oh my word! I did not know that I needed these in my life, but I SO needed those in my life. Amazing!!! 

Once we got home we still had some time to ourselves. Michael ended up working on my computer and I ran a bunch of errands. The kids were jealous when we told them we were going to have a date day so we decided to surprise them and have a date night with them. We picked them up from the bus stop and headed straight to the cheap theater to watch Cars 3! It was such a fun day!!!