Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Happy Halloween 2017 AKA The Year They Finally Learned How To Say "Trick Or Treat" In Unison!!!

First off I really don't like it when Halloween falls on a school night. We always go down to Ga-Ga & Pa's for Halloween. It's tradition and we are not going to mess with that, but it really stunk that we were stuck in traffic for 1.5 hrs to get there! Ugh!! 

It was quite a bit chiller on Halloween night so Ella Bean wore a pretty white sweater. She also kept her leggings on under her dress. 

My cute wizard!!! 

At the Fall Festival it was just fine for Owen to wear his helmet, but on Halloween night it was just too dark! He couldn't see anything. That was something that neither of us thought of...oh well! 

Cute cowboy with his imaginary lasso!

All ready to go! 

The kids did so well this year. After coaching them year after year they finally got it. They finally would say in unison "Trick or Treat" really loud when the person answered the door. They even surprised a few people. I'm actually amazed at how many kids don't even say anything....they just open their bag and want candy. Come on parents teach your kids!!! I was so proud of them. I told them they needed to say three things, Trick or Treat, Thank You and Happy Halloween. They were so good at doing that. 

Jack's loot! 

Zeke's haul! 

Owen already dipping into his! 

Ella Bean with all her candy! 

Ella Bean after we took out all the candy with dye in it and after her brother's traded chocolate for her dye candy.'s the pile of candy with dye in it that Ella can not eat. So sad!!!