Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Zeke's 6 Year Old Pictures!

I took Zeke in to have his 6 year old pictures on Saturday, May 26th. I think the guy that was taking his pictures was new because he had a helper with him. He did a good job though. 

Cute big 6 year old! 

For his personal item Zeke wanted to bring along Jack's Black Bear that Ga-Ga bought him from the Black Bear Diner. 

Then they set up this whole camping theme that was so cute!!! 

It's so nice now that the kids are older...yearly pictures are such a breeze. There are so many good pictures to choose from and of course the photographer always tries to get me to buy some sort of package. I just stick to the Groupon though. All I end up paying is $39 and I get 3 digital images and 1 sheet of wallets and it works out perfectly for what we need.