Saturday, June 9, 2018

Zeke's Actual Birthday!

Zeke's actual birthday, May 22nd fell on the actual day of the week he was born 6 years ago.

He's a cool dude! 

For the kids birthdays I always bring cupcakes, donuts or cookies to their class at lunch time to share. While I was waiting outside his classroom before recess was over I saw this on display in the hallway. I'm pretty sure it was from when the kids were celebrating Dr. Seuss. It says...Would you like a crazy cat to come to your house? By Zeke.. No, because I think he would make big mess. We had just recently read the Cat In The Hat Comes Back and he sure does know how to make a big mess. 

Cute boy! 

I was took a video while they were singing to him and he just sat there smiling the whole time. He thought I was just taking pictures. :) He wanted me to get mini chocolate donuts instead of cupcakes. 

Me and my boy! 

I always save the kids birthday present from us for their actual birthday. I took this picture of Zeke and then I looked at it and looks like all you have on is socks and shoes! 

He was actually wearing clothes though...shorts at least! 

Zeke got the game Rat A Tat's super easy and loads of fun! The best part is the kids can actually play it by themselves. 

I also got him this Force Awakens magnet kit. It has all these background scenes and then magnets you can use to make the scenes complete. 

I actually got that by cashing in my Disney Movie Reward points. It's fun little kit that will be great for taking in the van on road trips.