Friday, June 8, 2018

Zeke's Board Game Party!

Zeke's board game party was on Sunday, May 20th. At first I had no idea what his birthday theme was going to be. One afternoon I sat down with Zeke to update his Amazon wish list in preparation for his birthday and I realized that he just wanted a bunch of games. The few months leading up to his birthday we had been having Family Games Night at our house with families from our church. One of our friends, Scott is a major game player. He has over 150 board games and he's introduced us to quite a few fun games. 

I think I've said this before, but with me working now party planning has definitely taken a backseat. It's all about making it easy on myself. I found this fun birthday invitation with a game theme on Pinterest and I recreated it. 

I think it turned out cute! 

The birthday boy with his birthday banner! 

This banner is something I bought years ago from the clearance section on Stampin' Up. The best part was the last time I used it was for Ella's 6th birthday. The only thing I had to change was Ella's name to Zeke's. Easy peasy! 

The party started at 3pm on Sunday afternoon. I did not want to serve a full lunch or dinner. Snacks are always easier. For the food table I used my Mom's old Twister mat for the table cloth. I also put 3 glass vases/containers in the middle and filled them with dominoes and dice.  

Too add a little game fun I ask Michael and Pa to use scrabble tiles to spell out the food names. 

The gift bag that Ga-Ga & Pa put Zeke's present in had the 'A' in birthday on its side so Pa thought the 'A' in MEAT should mimic that. 

We didn't have enough letters for somethings so we just had to go with the basic names. 

The kids were so excited about the Cheeto Puffs!!! 

Like always I made my yummy pineapple coconut punch! 

The only other decorations I put out were the actual games the kids could play if they wanted too. I knew that I wasn't going to try to organize all the kids into playing games. For the most part kids just want to play with each other so that's what I let them do. Later on towards the end of the party Micah did play the Suspend game with a few of the kids. It was so nice being so laid back about the whole thing! 

Present time!!! 

Zeke loves his kite! We need to actually go down to the beach so he can fly it! I think we'll do that on the last day of school since we always go to Seahurst and it's always windy there. 

Money money all Zeke got $22!!! 

Ga-Ga and Pa got Zeke one of the games that Scott introduced us to. King of Tokyo....the kids love this game! See the sideways 'A'! 

Micah and Kim got Zeke the game Exploding Kittens. We had played it at there house before and the kids thought it was so funny. 

Zeke's friend Paulo from his class that lives across the street got him The Game of LIFE. We already had electronic version of this game, but the credit card thing that dealt with the money stopped working so we had just thrown it away. 

When it came to Zeke's cake I guessed it...EASY! I used a bunch of ice cream sandwiches and stacked them on top of each other in the form of a cube, covered it in Cool Whip and then used Oreos to make it look like a giant dice. Super easy and super yummy! 

The biggest cheese ever! 

I thought it was fun that I was able to put 6 Oreos on top! 

In between the layers of ice cream sandwiches I did put Hershey syrup. Yummy! 

Jaymes did not need a fork to enjoy his ice cream cake! 

Party people!!! 

Me and Camryn! 

Rachael and Jaymes! 

Micah and Kim! 

Jon and Becky! 

Michael and Ga-Ga! 

Samantha and Ella! 

Pa, Lilyann & Paulo. 

Clockwise starting with Jack in the Red...Andrew, Zeke, Reagan & Josiah. 

Owen and Caitlynn! 

The goodie bags for the party were filled with 3 dice so the kids could play Bunco at home, a mini deck of cards to play War with and then some Jelly Beans....which later I realized fit the theme because of the game Don't Spill The Beans! 

It was an easy, laid back party and the best of all the birthday boy enjoyed himself!