Wednesday, September 5, 2007

New foods

Yesterday Owen tried two new foods. He got to munch on biter biscuits and meat. I don't count the beef jerky earlier because he didn't actually eat it he just chewed it. He liked the outside of the biter biscuits, but once he started chewing and got pieces of it in his mouth he wasn't too sure. He's not into swallowing when it's not smooth and liquidy. As for the meat - he had apples and chicken dinner baby food and I'm not so sure he liked it. Granted he was stuck in his car seat when he was eating it so that might have tainted the experience. Last night we were at St Francis Hospital in Federal Way having Owen's car seats checked out to make sure we had them installed correctly. Come to find out we didn't! It's not all that uncommon they say 7 out of 10 car seats are installed incorrectly and for good reason...the instructions are in a foreign language I swear. I feel so much better now that we know he's strapped in good, but at the same time it makes me sick thinking that he wasn't for almost 8 months!! Life lesson...have the car seat inspected prior to giving birth!