Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Owen is obssessed with seeing what you see. He loves to be up high and in the action. It was making it impossible to get anything done in the kitchen because he would be crying and pulling at me trying to see. Finally after a friend mentioned that she put her kid on the countertop I tried it. When he was a baby I sat him up there when I made dinner and did dishes, but he was in the Bumbo so I felt okay about it. Now he's too big for the Bumbo, but I just keep saying, "Owen sit"! For the most part he's really good about it. I usually have a toy for him to play with to keep him busy, but he'll mainly just sits there watching me make him breakfast or whatever it is I'm doing. He's just grateful that he can see. The funny thing is he still fits under the cupboards so we can push him back farther from the edge.