Wednesday, April 9, 2008


On Sunday afternoon Michael and I left Owen with Ga-Ga and Pa in Orting and set off on a two night trip to Sequim. This trip has been planned since January and we were both looking forward to a little time with just the two of us before the three of us becomes the four of us. OH MY!!!

We took our time driving to Sequim since check-in wasn't until 4pm. We drove through Bremerton by all the big Navy ships and then stopped in Poulsbo to go in the antique stores. We arrived at the B & B just shortly after 4pm. We were greeted by the innkeeper and she showed us around the house. The house was beautiful! Lots of windows and big cathedral ceilings. She gave us the tour of the main rooms and the specifics in regards to the kitchen. Then it was time to do the actual check in process. This is when things went downhill!!! The reason this trip has been planned since January is because it was a promotion that Norelco was having with it's new razors around Christmas. My mom bought Michael a new razor so we got a free night at a B & B when we paid for one night. I followed all the instructions perfectly, I looked up online and found a B & B that was participating in this particular program and called it up. When I talked with her I said exactly what the certificate told me to say which was I had a certificate for a free night from I LOVE INNS. She was happy to hear that and so we scheduled the trip. Now sitting in the office she starts telling me that I should have told her that it was a Norelco certificate because she doesn't accept those because she doesn't get paid with that type of certificate. She goes on and on about how she has staff to pay and the electric bill doesn't give her a night free and neither does the propane company....blah blah blah. She completely made me feel like it was my fault that SHE was in this situation even though I did nothing wrong. Anyways she did end up saying that she would honor it because we were already there, but not after again mentioning that she had staff she had to pay.

After that was over she took us into our room which was exquisite. It's the biggest room in the house with a king size bed and a see through fireplace that can be seen from bed and the soaking tub. There was also a steam shower that was at big as a walk in closet. We also had our own private deck. Of course this innkeeper was so ridiculous because she thought she had to explain everything to us like we were two years old. She actually thought it was necessary to explain how to use a Duraflame log and how to work a childproof lighter. And if that wasn't enough she had about 5 or 6 picture frames around the room with little notes in them from Toilet Etiquette to how to not use the nice linens when we used the spa outside because they could get stained from the chlorine. There were even labels on every book, magazine and movie at the lodge saying the name so you wouldn't accidentally take one home thinking it was yours. Needless to say she was just an absolute CONTROL FREAK and not a people person in the least. I would never stay at Lost Mountain Lodge again not because it wasn't lovely and peaceful and relaxing, but because she was just an awful person all around.

Okay now that I'm done venting - Our trip overall had it's ups and downs, but it was really great spending time alone with Michael. Of course we missed Owen to pieces, but it was good to get away.