Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Innkeeper's response!

So I checked the review website this morning and noticed that the innkeeper responded to my review. I think it's funny that Dwight was the one to respond when for the most part he wasn't even around when his wife was being totally inhospitable. I also think it's funny that he says it was busy around check-in time. I could understand that argument had there actually been other guests staying at the Lodge. Michael and I were the only people there for both of the nights we stayed. I also think it's completely ridiculous that he assumes we've never stayed at a B & B before because we are young. As if B & B's are only for old people!! Michael and I have actually stayed at two other B & B's and would recommend them highly - Tucker House in Friday Harbor or Run of the River in Leavenworth. I also think he was totally trying to cover his behind by saying he would have given us our money back or another free night. I know for certain his wife would probably have done neither, I mean after all they have staff to pay!

Here's the link to the review site if you want to read his response.


Furry Bottoms said...

I bet you that the husband does know how his wife can be. I bet thats why he really wasn't around as much as she was. And I bet you, she's got a noose around his neck so he had to respond and make himself "seem" objective, but he's really not. He does have a right to defend his Inn, but he can't excuse his wife's behavior.