Monday, April 21, 2008

Keep your hat on!!!

I've been trying to take Owen outside at least once a day. He just loves the outdoors!! The weather has been so crazy lately that we try to get out in-between rain or snow showers and I make sure Owen is properly bundled so he won't get cold. He has been such a stinker though when it comes to leaving his hat on. He use to be so good, but now he rips it off the first chance he gets. Then he tries to put it back on and gets upset that he can't. I'm sure he's just trying to teach himself a new skill, but he's also trying his mother's patience!!! :)

What is this hat doing on my head?
I'll just take it off!
(Side note: Check out my cool Converse shoes from Aunt Kim)
I can't get it back on!!!


Christine said...

What a cutie! this is Christine Marshall, I found your blog on Mike and Amanda's blog from the comment you left Amanda! Feel free to check out ours, too at