Friday, May 14, 2010

Beach Time

It was SO gorgeous today so we headed to the beach with some friends.
It was fun putting Ella in shorts for the first time. I love her cute chubby legs!

Kim and Andy came over to my house and we all rode together since parking in the lower lot at Seahurst can be hard to find. Thankfully we got the first spot in the lower lot so we didn't have to walk very far at all. See Kim's cute preggo boy number two will be joining their cute family in September!!

Our friend Carmen and her two girls came too. Alysha and Jeslyn are getting so big. Jeslyn kept trying to eat all the rocks and shells that were around us.

The boys in their brightly colored summer clothes. I love bright colors!! The funny thing is they are wearing the same size clothes...2T! Jack is almost 17 months younger than Owen, but he's totally going to surpass his older brother in size soon.

Andy was busy the whole time walking all over nibbling food, playing in the sand and just looking super cute!

Owen had fun digging in the sand and dumping all over the rug we were sitting on. He did not like walking in the sand at all though.

Jack just sat on the rug and dug and dug in the sand. He never even tried to walk it in though.

Ella slept some of the time, but she did have a little awake time. We got to use our beach umbrella that I bought last summer so she could have a little shade. It worked pretty well except for the fact that I couldn't get it stabbed in the ground far enough so it tried to fly away a couple times.

I had to pose him on the log since he wouldn't walk over to it. My sweet Jack is almost 2 years old...he's been looking so big lately, but at the same time I still catch his baby look in certain things he's does and certain expressions he's has. I love this boy!

The 3 muskacheesers!!!

This is how you know it's been a great ends with a hug!!!