Thursday, May 20, 2010

There's A First Time For Everything

When I picked up Owen at MOPS last Tuesday he had a craft project for me. It was a paper plate with his hand print on it and the hand print was made from paint. My first thought was hey that's the first time he's gotten to finger paint and then I thought oh that's sweet!
So I decided it was high time I got over my freakishness about messes and let my kids get messy and paint at home.

So we took out the finger paints (washable I might add) that I bought about a year ago and put them to good use.

Daddy even got in on the creative activity.

Owen got to make more hand prints.

As you can see even though they are washable I made them strip down into their undies/diaper. I know I'm a freak!

Jack wasn't too interested in the paints. He still likes the markers better. Of course most of the markers are all dried out now because the lids don't get put on properly. I hate that!

Love this mischievous look on his face!

It's fun to see the focus in Owen's eyes. It's good for mama to lighten up and let them have this creative time.
I think our next fun, creative, messy project will be going out on the deck with rice, bowls, funnels and measuring cups and having all sorts of fun scooping and pouring rice.