Sunday, May 30, 2010

Dirt....Wonderful Dirt!

Thursday morning we got a wonderful call from a friend saying he was coming over with a truckload of dirt. Now normally this wouldn't be a reason to celebrate, but for someone that so desperately wants her backyard project to be finished this was really awesome news.

When we ordered dirt this time last year we only got 5 yards. Turns out we needed more...a lot more like 30 yards more. With Michael being laid off there was no way we could justify purchasing more dirt. But a friend of ours works for the city so we are getting the dirt for free! Sa-weet!!!

The boys were so excited...on Thursday's I go to a playdate at a local church, but I almost didn't take them since they'd miss out on seeing the dump truck.

When the truck showed up Ella was still in her sleeper so I just put her in the Bjorn and put a winter hat on her. By the time the truck left she had fallen asleep.

This is the first truck that was certainly a tight squeeze down our easement.

One load down...three more to go!

The guys got a great view from up on the deck.

After the first trip they came in a different truck that still held the same amount of dirt, but it was skinnier so it wasn't so hard backing it down the easement.

While we were at playdate two more loads were delivered, but the boys got to see the last load being dumped.

That's a lot of dirt!!!