Thursday, May 6, 2010

Go Fly A Kite!

Last Wednesday we were going to take the boys to Pump It Up in Tacoma, but Daddy wanted to do something outdoors instead. So we headed down to Des Moines Beach Park again.
This was a self portrait of the boys because once I got Ella all strapped into the Bjorn and started walking down to the beach we turned around and came back to the was TOO cold and windy for us girls!

With that being said it was good weather for flying a kite. Daddy got the kite all put together and let Owen fly it for the first time.

He tried to get Jack interested in flying it, but he just thought that holding on to kite was BORING!

So he threw rocks...which is incredibly more exciting! :)

This cute boy is so proud of himself!

The wind wasn't quite as strong as it needed to be to hold the kite up all the time. Daddy had to rescue it a few times when it fell to the ground, but since this was Owen's first time flying a kite it was probably better that it wasn't too windy.

In the end both the boys decided that throwing rocks was really the entertainment of choice!