Saturday, June 19, 2010

Andy's Birthday

Last Saturday we headed over to our friends Micah and Kim's house. Their son Andrew is exactly 3 weeks younger than Jack and they were celebrating his second birthday. Kim did a cute beach theme...there was little pool and sandbox in the backyard for the kids.
Of course this cutie didn't want to come out and play because Andrew has a really big Woody doll.

Ella got to wear her sunhat...finally!

This is the only picture I got of Owen...he was having a ton of fun with the pool and the sand. Mostly it was because he was taking the sand and putting it in the pool. OOPS!

Caroline (Andy's Nana) made him two cute fish designed cakes. They had candy all over them...there was also mango sorbet! YUMMY!

Make a wish!

Micah made some super good chicken and pineapple kabobs. I think I ate 4 or 5 they were so good. After the party Michael and some of the guys got to hang out and play Axis & Allies.

Andy had fun opening his presents, but he was kind of like Jack was...the first present he opened was his favorite so he didn't really see the need to go on. Miss Kim was so sweet and she had treat bags for all the kids filled with candy, bubbles and these blow up punching balls.

This is Andy's gift from Micah and Kim. It's a felt playhouse. Kim and Micah made it. Kim found a design online and then adapted to want she wanted. It's so cute! The side on the left has a car with a hose and a bucket with a sponge so Andy can wash the car. The front as a window with flowers that go in the window box, a mailbox and the front door.

This side is a tractor with a basket in the back so Andy can pick the apples...they really come off too...gotta love Velcro! The other side I didn't get a good picture's a garden with different veggies so Andy can pick those as well. I really want to make one of these for Ella, but it's a BIG took Kim 3 months to finish this so we'll just have to see!