Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tractor Time!

Remember this???
Well this showed up at our house on Saturday to move all that!

It was like Christmas at our house! I'm not sure if Owen was more excited than me because I was pretty darn excited!

Our friend Jeremy borrowed his bosses tractor and came over to move all that wonderful dirt into our yard.

Jeremy's wife, my friend Erin came over too and brought their kids Cameron and Haley. Cameron and Owen get along really well. In fact they get along so well I think we really need to get together more often.

Jeremy was making a ramp out of dirt so he could drive down into the yard.

Here he is driving down into the yard and here is the look on Owen's face...

He was totally mesmerized by this whole experience. The funny thing is Owen was really excited about Jeremy and the tractor at first, but once the pile of dirt got smaller and smaller he started saying, "Jeremy no move my dirt!" He was really looking forward to digging in the big piles so he was a little bummed. He'll get over it!

Jeremy is leveling out the dirt here. We are so thankful for the work he did. This would have taking Michael weeks to do on his own.

The boys were out there for hours just watching. I was really surprised that Owen even came in to have lunch.

Jack is kind of smitten by Haley. They are only a couple months apart in age and they had a lot of fun running around on the deck together. None of the kids got naps because there was just too much fun going on. Surprisingly no one had any major meltdowns.

Almost done leveling things out. The only part Jeremy couldn't level off was the ramp that he made to get into the yard. Michael will have to move that himself.

When he was all done Jeremy rinsed off the tractor which created mud for the boys to play in.

Like I said it was Christmas!

Jack thankfully didn't jump in the water, but he did jump in the dirt and if you know Jack you know he's kind of a clumsy boy so this happened...

Can you say bath time?

After Jeremy was done cleaning off the tractor he even gave Owen a ride.

Thank you so much Jeremy!!


Melody said...

Wow! What a blessing!!!