Friday, June 18, 2010

Mama Time With The Boys!

Sorry about my blog's certainly not due to a lack of material to blog's just been crazy busy around here lately.
A few days ago the boys and I were outside while Ella was was sunny out, I think. Okay at least it wasn't raining so that was good! Owen loves to see the caterpillars. I'm not such a fan, but I decided to take a picture of them. We've tried to get rid of these silly tent caterpillars for the last two summers. Michael sprays something up in the trees and they go away for a few months, but then eventually they come back. ARGH!

Jack's not nearly into bugs as much as Owen...he enjoyed kicking his ball around. Doesn't he look like such a boy in this picture? So there was definitely sun that day...hope it comes back soon! Okay it's actually sunny outside right now, but it's been a while.

While we were outside I decided to pull some weeds from the garden. Owen was all about picking strawberries. Then the boys sat up on the neighbors rock wall and I had to take their pictures. I wanted one of them together, but they refused to sit that close to each other. Oh well!

Our strawberry plants are doing so well this year...everything else not so much!

Jack pretty much inhales strawberries. I got two, Owen got two and Jack got five or six. Okay I just counted how many strawberries were in that bowl...Jack got 10! Sheesh!!!

Owen was a little too excited about picking some of them so they weren't quite ripe yet.

Pucker up!