Saturday, November 5, 2011

Vroom Vroom!

A week ago one of Michael's coworkers gave us a new toy....a motorcycle. Not just any motorcycle a motorcycle for Owen! At first I was like, "NO WAY!" But I have to say it's pretty darn fun to ride on!

It wasn't exactly in working condition when we got it so Michael had to do some work on it. After 2 hours of changing the oil, replacing the spark plug and figuring out the choke and other stuff he got it running. I also had to take the front tire up to Discount to have them pump it up since Michael's air compressor wasn't doing the job.

After Michael took it for a ride then it was Owen's turn. That lasted about 1 minute...he's still a bit freaked by it.

Then it was time to switch helmets so Jack could go on it. We are going to get real bike helmets for the boys, but for now these work.

Jack LOVED it! He rode on it for quite a while.

The nice thing about the bike is it only has 1 gear so there is no shifting and it only gets up to about 35 mph tops. After Jack's turn it was my turn. I drove down the road a bit and on my first turn I ended up crashing. Don't freak out was just a bump.

See the cover for the cable leaning over a bit? Yeah I hit it! I knew I wasn't turning sharp enough and I freaked out a bit and forgot about the brake. Michael was laughing so hard. If you're wondering this is not the first time I've crashed some sort of off-road vehicle. We've gone on ATV's twice now and I've crashed both times. Don't worry Michael and I will be getting helmets too! It really was a LOT of fun to ride and after my first little bump I got much better at turning and braking!!!

Ella Grace is not a thrill seeker so she wasn't up for ride quite yet!