Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Cookie Decorating....Is It Really Almost Christmas??

Christmas comes fast enough normally, but then add in a week of the flu and I'm blown away it's the day after tomorrow!!! So in an effort to get out of our 'lay around and try not to die funk' I baked sugar cookies! We let the kids each have three to decorate anyway they wanted. I mixed up red frosting for all three boys and Ella just wanted white. 

Earlier this year...last year....I don't know I've lost track of time....I won a cookie basket from Logan's preschool and it came with all sorts of fun sprinkles so we got to break those out. 

Jack was being very sparing with his frosting at first. I helped him later heap it on. 

Owen put lots on his first cookie and then said, "I think I overdid it"!

Which cookie should I decorate next???

Of course Zeke wanted nothing to do with decorating his cookies....that would involve getting messy! So Daddy stepped up and took the job! 

I love how all three of the older kids are so focused and Zeke has this cute mischievous look on his face! 

Jackson chose blue sprinkles!

Owen put so many pink sprinkles on all the frosting was covered! 

Ella used purple sprinkles...maybe pink too! 

We told them they could eat one cookie today and we'd save the other two for another time. 

Owen and Jack ended up being the only ones to eat them. Ella and Zeke are still on the mend so sugary stuff doesn't really feel good on their tummies! 

Later I frosted the rest of the cookies that are for Christmas Day and of course I had to decorate some in Hawks colors!!!