Thursday, December 11, 2014

Pajama Pants!

Since I made all those pajama pants for my friend at church I just couldn't resist making some for my kids. Of course when the snuggle flannel went on sale for 75% off around Thanksgiving that helped too! A whole yard for $1.74! When can you buy pajamas for $1.74? I did have to buy plain colored tops for the kids at Wal-Mart, but those were only $4! So $5 for super cool jammies! 

Zeke picked out these cute space monkeys, elephants and puppies! 

Ella was absolutely in love with this pink design! 

Since the older boys were at school we picked theirs out for them. Jack got Pirate Puppies...what can be cooler than that! 

And Owen got Rock 'N Roll guitars and drums. I also bought another fabric that just screamed Owen. It has potatoes on it and couches and tv's and it says couch potato. This kid could seriously sit in front of the tv or computer All. DAY. LONG! That's why Owen has two shirts for his jammies. I was going to make another pair with that material for him, but now I've decided that I'm going to save that fabric and use it to make his quilt that he'll get next year for Christmas. 

The kids have all seen their fabrics, but they haven't seen the finished product. I'm going to wrap them up so they can open them on Christmas Eve and sleep in their new jammies. I'm thinking this will be a new tradition as well!