Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Jackson Lost A Tooth!!!

Two Thursdays ago when we told the kids about St. Nicholas we also let the kids in on the fun that we are the ones that put money in the cup for their tooth. Of course we are still going to do that even though they know now. At first Owen didn't believe us he thought his tooth really dissolved and was gone leaving money so I ran upstairs to get his baby teeth I have saved in a little container in my closet. As I was coming downstairs I hear Michael say, "Where's the tooth?" and I'm thinking sheesh I'm coming hold your horses. Then when I get downstairs they are all searching the floor for a tooth....Jack's tooth! 

Jack's bottom tooth has only been wiggly for just about a week and it wasn't really near ready to come out. While I was upstairs Jack had been biting on one of our TV blankets and Owen ripped it out of his mouth and along came the tooth! It bled pretty badly since it wasn't ready...we ended up having to wet a teabag and press it over the hole to get it to stop. 

Jackson has been waiting and waiting to enter the club of kids that have lost teeth...he was so happy! And the fun part of letting the kids in on the secret.....a day or two after Jack lost his tooth Owen asked me if he could put some money in the cup for Jack! Michael's brothers used to do that for him when we was younger. So sweet!